Chairman's Corner


SWRTERO Chairman

Brant Honahnie, Hopi Tribe


I’m finally reaching out to you all again and I hope you, your family and staff are doing well. As far as Hopi TERO family we are all doing well at this time (knock on wood). As far as the Tribal as a whole we are getting back to Phase One status. We were at Phase One status some time ago last year (I can remember date during the crazy unpredictable scary time of my life) and then back to Phase ZERO with curfews and lockdowns on and off.


In returning back to office on and off, saw a few emails from TERO people reach out to other TERO’s on their status. Well any how I’m now reaching out to all of you.


As you know communication basically cease among us and entities we work with. SWRTERO activities ceased as well. So we haven’t had a meeting. I believe some Regions may have had virtual (Zoom) meetings.


Mr. James Yao from EEOC had announce the they are prepare to provide virtual training this year and wanted to know from tribes regarding what type of technological or connectivity limitations they have. A few TERO’s that responded seem to have their meeting using zoom. Most TERO’s that respond were not from our Region, but there were a few from our region. I myself would probably do zoom but at this time we don’t have the proper equipment. For now we have been using our phones to participate in conference meetings.


You all remember Theo? Of course you do. Well again some time ago Theo (again don’t remember when) had reached out to me regarding doing a virtual meeting which I thought was a good idea. She was going to look into it on how to do a meeting. Any one that know how to set these kind of meetings please let us know.


Also, Theresa from OFCCP is also working with Corey Parker who I believe is with the Contractors Association. They want to reach out to TERO in regards to training to TERO construction workers. She wanted to know who is able to have a conference call with Theresa.


Last, as you may all know, my term as Chairperson for SWRTERO ended in the last quarter of 2020. So perhaps somehow we figure out how and when we can continue business as SWRTERO organization. So our next quarterly meeting I believe would be May. I am open to ideas.


You all continue to take care of yourself and family members and don’t let your guards down. Let me know if my message reached you.


Brant Honahnie, Hopi TERO

(928) 734-3161